Shooting Dovetails

Following my post about the NRA being co-opted by the gun industry to expand and protect its market, I wanted to share some of the better articles about our national gun conversation.

The first comes from the always thoughtful Nick Kristof at The New York Times. Titled Do We Have the Courage to Stop This? Mr. Kristof reminds that about 300 Americans a year dies from a ladder falls, while guns kill 30,000. Yet, we have pages of regulations about how to build and sell a ladder, and almost none for guns. You might think that's because guns are mentioned in the Constitution, and ladders aren’t. But don’t forget that to maintain a well-regulated militia part, I know the gun industry hasn’t.

Mr. Kristof also reminds us that getting guns off the streets works. His proof is Australia in 1996 when they banned rapid-fire long guns. The nation suffered thirteen mass shootings before the law, and none since.

The article also reminds us how we might implement that well-regulated militia part of the 2nd amendment by pointing out Canada’s law calling for a twenty-eight-day waiting period, and needing two people to vouch for the gun purchaser.

We shouldn’t be surprised that the GOP found a way to work the word “impeach” into the debate. They have been screaming since Obama took his first oath as President. TPM shares Edwin Meese’s comments to Newsmax suggesting that anything the President does with an executive order to “override the Second Amendment” would be impeachable. I wonder what Ed is afraid off? Regulation?

The Christian Science Monitor has done several good editorials on the subject. CSM has always been a thoughtful organization, even when I disagree with them, and their work on guns is no exception.

In this article they remind us that “Americans live in a nation with a celebrated gun myth – a largely invented history of heroism, rather than murder, that is steadily renewed by groups like the NRA.”

Then there are the stumbles coming from that vaunted lobbying group, the NRA itself. First, there was the tone-deaf press conference one week after the Sandy Hook massacre where Wayne Lapierre bent over backwards for the gun industry that he represents, and insisted that the solution to gun violence was more guns.

Then there was the video that tried to equate your daily activities with the first families Secret Service protection. I guess the NRA is saying that each American family should an escort of armed guards. It would positively be good for gun sales.

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