Cheng Tinghua

Cheng Tinghua (1848 - 1900) was the fourth disciple of Dong Haichuan. He owned an eyeglass shop in Beijing, so some called him Eyeglasses Cheng. During the Boxer Movement (July 1900) Cheng saw the invading armies killing and looting throughout Beijing. Upset at what was happening to his country, he swore to defend it. One day, Cheng Tinghua subdued ten of the looting soldiers before they ordered a patrol with rifles to surround him. Cheng used his Baguazhang skills to calmly evade the soldiers and leaped onto a wall where he started to walk away. The soldiers shot him dead.

Before he started studying with Dong Haichuan, Cheng Tinghua had an extensive background in Shuaijiao (Chinese Wrestling); therefore, Cheng Style Baguazhang is known for its throwing techniques. The hand is held in the Dragon Claw formation with the thumb spread wide, the tiger's mouth curved up, the second, third, and fourth fingers are slightly spread apart, and the little finger and fourth finger held together.

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