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    The Fundamentals

    A stranded alien must choose between returning his queen to their home world or saving his human daughter from the alien invasion that would result.

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Selected Works

Earth Dragon Canon cover image.

Earth Dragon Canon

Walking, Martial Arts, and Self Evolution

This book describes functional practices for the Chinese internal martial art Baguazhang (Eight Trigram Palm). Martial art practice is more than the study of physical movement. I encourage you to develop your own practice routines and remain engaged in a lifelong journey of self-evolution.

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Special Correspondents Lottery ticket with Ryan Jameson's winning code.

Special Correspondents Lottery

How did Ryan Jameson get aboard the Santa Maria?

Midway through The Fundamentals we meet the tall, lanky Ryan Jameson. How did an obscure reporter from the habitation zone of Austin, Texas get aboard the Santa Maria? And why is his past hidden from the scrying eyes of Exploration Corporation? Good questions that I wanted answers too. We find out in this five part short story.

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Fiction, Martial Arts, and Self-Evolution.

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